Funeral Services near Ashland CA

Funeral Services near Ashland CA

Fremont Chapel of the Roses is a local provider of funeral services near Ashland CA. We are the The Rose family. We own and operate Fremont Chapel of the Roses. When planning funeral arrangements after experiencing the passing of a loved one, you will find this website very helpful. Use this resource when creating a compassionate and dignified memorial and burial service for your loved one. We are a family business with 2 funeral homes based in Fremont California and serve Ashland and surrounding communities.

We help grieving families plan and execute funerals, memorial services and life celebration. Our family and staff are dedicated to making the process less painful for the bereaved loved ones left behind. You are reading this because you have experienced the death of a spouse, child, parent – and are uncertain about what steps to take in planning a funeral. At Fremont Chapel of the Roses, we have a staff of caring funeral directors that will patiently guide you to make the plans that will result in a fitting tribute to your loved one. All our funeral services are carried out with dignity and the highest quality level of care possible.

Our philosophy is to assist the bereaved in planning a respectful and uplifting tribute, whatever type of services are planned. We encourage you to gather and celebrate the life in accordance with the wishes of the deceased and the family left behind in a manner that will honor the unique personality of the deceased. The ceremonial process is the first step in healing from your loss.

Counseling and Grief Support

In this website we offer resources for grief counseling and support. With Fremont Chapel of the Roses, your family will find the compassion and attention to detail you expect during this most difficult time. We hope our website will serve as a useful resource to make immediate funeral arrangements for a dignified and compassionate memorial service and burial. Whether traditional or unique, paying tribute is the first step that will allow us to love, laugh, and live well again. Please call our friendly funeral director with any questions you may have. Our funeral directors are fully committed to assist you, so please, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details concerning your personal wishes. (510) 797-1900.

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