Nikha Marcella De Guzman

10/10/2001 - 01/29/2022


Obituary For Nikha Marcella De Guzman

Nikha De Guzman, an ambitious young woman and resident of Union City, passed away unexpectedly and tragically Thursday, January 29, 2022 at 10:44am at Regional Medical Center in San Jose, California. Nikha was born October 10th, 2001 in Washington Hospital of Fremont, California to Leilani De Guzman and Warren Velasquez. As a child, she was actively involved in soccer and cheerleading in her academic years. Her dedication to these sports helped her to accomplish various awards in her participation. She graduated from James Logan High School in Union City, California in 2019. She subsequently attended Chabot College in Hayward, California until the spring of 2020. Nikha worked as a service representative for Apple, Tesla and at Round Table Pizza. She was a devoted worker, and often took the responsibility of working late nights. She always was self-sufficient and an independent young lady. Nikha was a talented and creative artist. In her spare time, she covered songs, and wrote poetry, literature, as well as her own music. She also was an avid player of the ukulele. One of her dreams was becoming a professional musician or lyric writer. She would often write in her journal, her outlet. She was also talented at makeup, nails, and different hair styles. She would always make it a priority to express herself with her unique style. We would encourage her to go to Beauty School - so she could open up her own salon or be a professional make-up artist for celebrities in Hollywood. She was always fond of animals, especially dogs, but also chickens and kittens. She was the only one in the family who was kind to Chloe, her Auntie Jocelyn’s Maltipoo, allowing her to sleep with her every night surrounding her with love. As a child, she loved the barn animals, that resided in her grandparent’s residence in their home country, Cavite, Philippines. Most notably, she formerly owned a dog which traveled with her on vacations. Nikha is preceded by her father, Warren Velasquez of Hayward, California and her father’s side grandfather, of Roseville, California. Her mother, Leilani De Guzman, of Union City, survives the home. Other intimate survivors who she grew up with during her first 11 years are her grandparents, Corazon and Melanio De Guzman; her uncle/God Father, Jonathan De Guzman, of Union City; her cousin, but more of a brother, Drew Enriquez De Guzman, now of Kansas City, Missouri. Other intimate survivors are her grandmother Arlene Velasquez, half brother, Andrew Velasquez, and Aunt April Velasquez and Aunt Abigail Hernandez of Roseville. Further survivors close to Nikha include her aunt, Jocelyn De Guzman of Oakland; as well as numerous cousins, of Roseville. Nikha, who was always a nurturer and a compassionate soul, left the world as a heroine - donating her organs and saving 6 lives through the Donor Network transplant organization. Nikha, you are forever living in all our hearts and until our time has come, we hope to hold you in our arms again.


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  • 03/17/2023

    Thank you baby girl for being the part of my life to wake up to with a reason for being thankful the sun comes out out as the wind flows though and the happiness of feeling no pain when you were around being able to finally fall asleep at night as I dreamt of our journal together concouring the world making it a happier and trusting meaning that life after death on two different worlds bring the world of love last forever in the meaning of subliminal minds that speak from every direction dedicated. You are my heart and I'll never let go as I live the memory still alive at piece. Love my always and forever, Mom

  • 10/04/2022

    If I'd had known last year today was gna be the last I ever held or seen you before the hsp, I'd have held you tighter. I love you so much. I miss you. To hear your voice again would mean the absolute world to me. To hear your giggle n laugh. To just hear you say you love hear you say you're okay n you promise me you're okay...that would be so precious....words can't explain the agony we feel without easy my baby...we you baby girl....

  • 09/01/2022

    I love you baby. N we will avenge your death. I promised your daddy I would always be there for you. I stand by that promise. Even through death. Until my own very last breath, I considered you as one of my own kids. When I became your Ninang, it was bc should anything have happened to Daddy, I would take his place. N I will do everything in my absolute power n by God's Hands to ensure I do what your own Daddy would've done. We gotchu mi amor. Like I fought for you in court n won, I will once again. I. PROMISE. YOU. IF. IT. IS. THE. LAST. THING. I. EVER. DO.

  • 07/13/2022

    I miss you everyday Nikha Baby. 💔💔💔💔💔

  • 06/03/2022

    A beautiful life taken from us really before she had a chance to really live, she was smart beautiful talented and confident she could be whatever she wanted to be and do whatever she put her mind to. If you knew her you loved her! Words cannot describe the heartbreak, Such a precious life taken from us so young, she is forever beautiful. Love and miss you.

  • 03/31/2022

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.nikha was a beautiful girl I was heart broken to hear the news.i new her father Warren good .I know the qfamily going threw pain shock and sadness.i know the Lil angel is with her dad in heaven looking down. U truly miss babygirl 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🥀🥀🥀😭😭💔💔💔

  • 03/20/2022

    I really wished we talked more Nikki. You were so sweet and I wish I told you I loved you more. You're so kind and I wanted to hug you and be there for you. You were the strongest, hard-working, and loving person ever. I really hope you Rest In Peace.

  • 02/23/2022

    I'm sorry to say this, but so much of this bio is not true. From her jobs, her hobbies, what she enjoys to do; none of this is accurate. At all. Nikha was the most independent and ambitious person I know. I have never met anyone like Nikha and I know I never will, she was one of a kind. Nikha is the funniest person I know. She had helped me through so many dark times in my life but I never had told her that. When I wanted to laugh, I would call Nikha. Whenever something big happened in my life I would call Nikha. Or even at the smallest inconvenience she was the first one I would call. I could never get tired of her and her jokes. Nikha loved the people that were there for her. She is loyal. She was so so strong. No matter what she faced, she always kept a smile and kept it pushing. She was never the type to give up. The nikha I knew this year and least year were so different. I am so proud of how far she has come. Nikha had this kind of warmth about her that made people want to be around her. She was accepting of everybody, she had friends of so many different backgrounds. She was a great person. I keep re-reading our texts to feel some kind of normalcy, life doesn't feel real anymore without her. She is and always will be my second half. Me and Nikha were in her car last month on a drive and I had asked her what her best memories were, I wish I had told her all of mine were with her. When I think of my childhood, I think of Nikha. We went to different high schools and still visited each other after school. We enjoyed each others company so much. There truly was never a dull moment with her. We always managed to be in each others life, it was like we just kept finding each other. I know we were meant to be best friends forever. I love Nikha with all my heart always and forever. Rest In Peace to the most kind, beautiful soul. We'll find each other again in the next life and whatever is after that. I can never forget about you. I miss you more than words can tell it

  • 02/22/2022

    I'm so sad to hear this news. I can't even begin to express how my heart aches for you all. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I didn't know her, but I know people that love her.

  • 02/21/2022

    Sending our deepest condolences to Nikha's family. We heard the very sad news, and we pray for healing, peace, and love for her family and friends whom she left behind. We hope that fond memories will stay with you forever. Take care, Reina Enriquez Gabbud and all of the Enriquez and Gabbud family

  • 02/21/2022

    Our sweet Nikha is loved by both families and she knew that we were her biggest supporter. In her short life, Nikha learned a lot about the importance of family. Her life was not easy but she made the best of it and was focused and graduated high school. She wanted to have a good future. Nikha maybe quiet but her good attitude and likable personality both allowed her to shine in every way. Our family gained another angel and are very grateful to all the love and support during this difficult time. You are love... then, now, and forever. Rest easy, our baby girl❤️

  • 02/21/2022

    Gone too soon but we loved you enough for a lifetime ❤️. My heart aches and shattered into pieces... You passed away so suddenly without any of us expecting it. I would never imagine that I would lose you so young and so soon💔 Please continue to pray for Nikha as she now join her father, Warren Velasquez and her Grandfather (my brother) Wilhermino Velasquez, Great-grandparents (my parents) Buenaflor and Asuncion Velasquez May her soul Rest In Eternal Peace 🙏✝️ We Love you to the moon and back Nikha De Guzman ♥️♥️♥️

  • 02/19/2022

    I have been level headed; Unbiased; Considerate and accommodating awareness. Jocelyn, that bio of her that you wrote is pathetic. My entire family has been upset with you, but I have not cared. Now I am upset. Nikha would tell me that she hated your son. She'd call you crazy. For you to make yourself sound like a prominent person in my late sister's life and bio - is pathetic. You have to point out I'm her half brother for a reason I cannot comprehend. I think you feel threatened of the authority I could have over her documents. I have recordings of your phone calls with my aunt. I hope everyone can see this: Nikha was a sweet soul. She never liked to say no. She took on responsibility and chore altruistically. She loved all her family, no matter the experiences and misfortune she faced. She loved music but that was never her passion. She wanted to have a business. She wanted to be her own boss. She wanted to make clothing and jewelry and make-up. Jocelyn never knew my sister. Her keepers are her friends who she valued the most. Let them tell it.

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