Cieline Gomez

Auntie Eugene will do anything for her family. She gave me my first job here in America, and when I needed a car for work she gave me their spare car, no charge. Auntie loves her designer bags, particularly her Louis Vuitton, she had a whole. After the financial crash, she decided to become a nurse, since I believed she thought that it will give her financial stability to support her family. Unfortunately, she suffered a stroke before she could take her nclex, but she fought on and eventually got her nursing license and pursued a nursing career taking care of mental health patients. I admired Auntie Eugene for her perseverance and the never-ending love for family. One more thing about Auntie was that she was a little bit of an OCD, she labeled everything even the label maker…I LOVE HER and will miss her.

Create Date :1/29/2020 8:55:12 PM