“The smell of toasted bread takes me back to the ’70s when Uncle and our family shared a rented house in Moanalua Valley, Honolulu, Hawaii. White toasted bread with butter was Uncle’s breakfast before he left for work. At that time, he was working for a meatpacking company where he endured the extreme cold working conditions until he moved to California where all his children grew up. Each time I visited Delano, I would also stop by for brief visits where he would always welcome me with warm hospitality, in the same quiet and great listening Uncle the way I remember him to be. I am glad that I had the opportunity to visit him for the last time last year as he remained hopeful to beat his cancer.
To Auntie Flor, Anna, Ronald, Elizabeth, Cindy, and the rest of the family, I share your sadness as you remember Uncle in the countless memories you made together as a family.Aloha to you all,Loren and Marvin Lee”

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